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SmartKlub connects cities and suppliers to help create innovative energy projects for local communities.

It’s mission “Switching cities on to new, collaborative ways of powering themselves”​, describes its offer to help local authorities and communities overcome the legacy of centralised energy systems and solve the lack of economies of scale for future distributed and smart energy systems to get traction in the the market. SmartKlub wants to give cities and their citizens “Energy Freedom” to achieve the social benefits of cheaper and sustainable energy whilst creating local jobs.

SmartKlub helps collaborating companies, partners, co workers, consortiums, clients & individuals find common solutions.
SmartKlub is the new way to enable cities and communities to originate and execute smart projects. The business model has a strong creative and social dimension that ensures projects get delivered faster, cheaper and better than traditional procurement methods.

Every city and project is unique, and we use our local understanding of the landscape throughout our four phase process – Discovery, Definition, Selection and Delivery – to listen and build what works for each city, place and community.



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